- Highly Selective Herbicide to Control



A highly selective herbicide to control key annual broad-leaf weeds and perennial grasses in corn and grass seed production. A highly selective herbicide to control annual broadleaf weeds and key perennial grasses (Sorghum, Elytrigia) in corn.

  • Additional brands: TELL
  • Active ingredient: Primisulfuron
  • Mode of action: Inhibits the acetolactate synthetase enzyme leading to disruption of cell division. Visible symptoms (stunting) appear 1-3 weeks depending on growing conditions.
  • Targets: Broadleaved weeds and some grasses
  • Main crops: Corn
  • Geography: BEACON in US; TELL in Europe
  • Date of first launch: 1990
  • Advantages and main customer benefits: Low rate herbicide with rotational flexibility and good activity against advanced weed stages

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