J E Graham Ltd

Beaconsfield Grass Harrows


Heavy duty, Available in various sizes from 6' to 16', Reversible - Can be pulled in either direction, Turn upside down for levelling menages etc, Mini Mat for Quad bikes 4' x 5' with pole

Sizes available
6' - 8' - 10' - 12' - 14' - 16' x 7'6'.
Including Mini mat for Quad bikes (right)

Heavy duty
Either robust carrying frame with three point linkage to fit any tractor - or a chain harrow mat with just a pole to fit straight onto the tractor draw bar.

Single mat design
Regardless of width, so you avoid joins and jumping.

Easy storage
The frame can be taken to pieces for easy storage.

Compact design
Centre section is no wider than 8', so a 12' wide harrow is made up of a 8' centre section with 2 x 2' wide wings. Hence no problem getting through narrow gateways!

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