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Beans are low in calories and contain many healthy phytochemicals. Reason enough for Rijk Zwaan, therefore, to give this vegetable a well-deserved place in the range and concentrate totally on flat climbing beans, a legume with broad, flat pods, eaten cooked.

Following various trials and extensive market research, Rijk Zwaan has embraced flat climbing beans as a vegetable with a good future. The product fits in well with several different growing areas and consumer preferences. Flat climbing beans are grown outdoors as well as indoors and have several variants. For instance, early crops are pre-germinated under glass and later crops are precision-drilled. Rijk Zwaan plays into these differences with specific varieties.

For growers and consumers
The Rijk Zwaan breeders focus on good traits for growers and consumers. A lot of attention is given, for instance, to a high production and reliability by means of disease resistances. Presentation and shelf life must also be perfect and it is important that the beans retain their nutritional value, even after harvesting. By making use of clever crossings and top-class techniques, the prospects for beans are very good.

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