Bean Harvesting System


Finally, Sund is far and away the leader of the field in bean harvesting. This Sund 20 foot raking pickup is harvesting eight 30-inch bean rows. It gently picks up the crop with virtually no shelling or cracking. You'll notice how cleanly it lifts the beans out of the field, allowing almost no dockage for dirt. It's so good at picking up beans that bean growers now commonly refer to the Sund as 'the bean pickup.'

The Sund Raking Pickup harvests beans so well, we're not the only ones making claims about its effectiveness. One combine promotion we ran across recently claimed: 'This combine broke the elevator record for a pinto bean sample: 0% splits and 1 % dockage. It's an outstanding machine.' And what do you suppose was attached to the front of that 'outstanding combine?' A Sund Raking Pickup, of course!

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