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- Model II - Lagoon Agotatpr



The Lagoon Beast II is built and designed for the rugged use in the North American Farming Industry It is designed for the needs of all livestock manure management systems The Lagoon Beast II has enough power to circulate bedding sand off the bottom of your lagoon There are no other agitators built that compare in size or performance.

Two Sizes Available: a 40 foot or a 56 foot model

Exclusively Designed for High Production and the Economic Budget of a Successful Farm

With the Agitating Power of The Lagoon Beast II your manure slurry will have a more consist mix of nutrients that will generate a better crop yield

There are no other agitators built, anywhere, that match the performance of The Lagoon Beast II!

Independent Research has shown that agitation is the most critical operation in maintaining liquid manure systems
The Lagoon Beast II will properly agitate and prevent the buildup of solids
The Lagoon Beast's agitation of the manure will re-suspend settled solids, sand included, and
ensure that the resulting slurry will flow to your pumps inlet pipe for easier removal
Superior agitation ensures the best homogenization of the manure and provides for a more consistent nutrient analysis

The Lagoon Beast's Big Wheels allow for easy access to your lagoon!

20 Foot Wide stability Big Wheels to walk easily in and out of lagoons

Agitations stop the build up of settled solids

Decisive agitation that cleans out to the bottom of your lagoon. Including bedding sand!

For Durability the Frame on the Lagoon Beast II is Hot Dipped Galvanized Including the rims!

Front drawbar will clear a 54' high trailer - Wheels can be folded on the trailer deck (hydraulic)

For farm transport, an optional buggy is available!

The 'Granite Box' is Designed for the Punishment that a Three Foot Screw Propeller Commands.
Option of 180 to 275 hp Forward/reverse gearbox 540/1000 RPM

Heavy Duty Swivel Hitch Eye

Hydraulic Adjustable Drawbar

Lagoon Beast 2
Solid Performance With Liquid Manure

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