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Beater Wagons

Designed to provide a more consistent and even mix, the McIntosh Beater wagon is an addition to the conventional chain elevator system. The unique design with three PTO-driven horizontal beaters allows for better incorporation and more consistent blending of different products. Bales are broken up so that cows do not have to lift their heads to drag the feed apart, resulting in less wastage. McIntosh Beater Wagons can handle round and square bales quickly and efficiently, operating in both field and feed pad conditions.

Side view showing beater attachment and hood, which channels the feed onto the belt.
Three PTO driven horizontal beaters.
Feeding maize, potatoes and large square bales. The square bale is completely broken up.
Round bales loaded into wagon ready to be fed out. 
Feeding round bales into troughs with an even distribution.
The augers completely break up round bales for more even feeding.
The long throw is ideal for feeding into troughs.
Round bales after feeding in a long, even, continuous line. This is hard to achieve with a conventional elevator.
Feeding maize, potatoes and square bales
  • Available from 12-20m3
  • 3mm pressed steel sides
  • 5mm steel floor
  • 13mm high tensile chains used throughout
  • 75 x 40 channel floor slats
  • 900mm wide conveyor belt
  • Augers rotate to centre
  • Bisalloy steel tips on augers
  • Bolt on fixed towing eye
  • Bolt on floor slats
  • Bolt on mudguards
  • Bronze bushed axle pivots 
  • Driven by 1¼” and 1” simplex roller chains
  • Electric floor speed control
  • Fully welded construction
  • Gearbox on floor drive
  • High quality paint system
  • Ladder
  • Large diameter conveyor roller
  • PTO driven augers with ratchet clutch
  • Tandem oscillating axle
  • Tracing strip on cross conveyor

  • 4 floor chains
  • Grease gun holder
  • Grease hose from walking beam to mudguard
  • Swivel drawbar tongue
  • Hydraulic conveyor extension 200mm
  • Load cells on 4 points with optional
    • Alarm
    • Dummy load cells
    • Remote display
  • Skid 300mm long
  • Tyre size options
  • Other options available on request

All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of entering service, provided that such equipment has not been subject to improper usage and / or overloading or any other conditions contrary to the manufacturers specifications or recommendations.

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