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- Model MINI BSG - Rotating Log Grapple



Built specifically for Mini Skid Steer Loaders, this 360 degree continuous rotating grapple is a real winner. This grapple has many of the functions of our larger grapples, but with a lot less weight your your can actually have a payload. Use it for small logging operations where a larger grapple and skid steer could never fit. This is a commercially constructed product that will impress you with the incredible quality. It will connect directly to your mini skid steer and allow you to lift and rotate continuously 360 degrees. You are about to experience a new grapple with features you would expect from only the very best grapple available.  Well we have it, and it is now available. Designed by an Arborist, this is the finest rotating grapple you will find anywhere... Without giving too much away to the competitors, we will attempt to show you the real differences between ours and theirs.

Boom Design: 
The shape and angle of the boom enables the operator to lift more and actually see the material they are carrying.   Equipped with the rotor mount, cable guide, winch mount, tooth edge plate and a commercial rubber bumper, no feature was left out.

The frame is built from top quality materials by professionals.  This is not a homebuilt product.  The frame carries all of the weight and has to be built to support the winch, rotor and grapple.  Check out the competitions frames and you will be amazed.

The grapple opens from 3' to 54' and is rated to carry up to 2000 lbs.  This is a commercial quality grapple.  All of the pivot points feature bronze insert bushings and grease zerks so you can keep it operating like new forever.

Again another commercial grade item included on this product.  It is rated for 2000 lbs. of load and continuous operation.  By using a highly rated rotator, you insure that it cannot be easily damaged by moving loads.  This is where other manufacturers try to save money and put lesser quality rotators on their grapples. 

Winches: - Optional
We are proud to use only Warn winches.  They are rated for 9,000, 12,000 or 15,000 lbs.  The winch makes it very easy for you to pull trees to you that you could not otherwise reach.

The 9,000 lb. winch comes with 110 feet of 3/8' wire rope, while the 12K and 15K lb. winches use 100 feet of 7/16' of wire rope.  The rolling eye features rollers with pressed bronze bushings with 1' stainless steel pins.  The entire mechanism is built to last under extreme conditions. 


  • Fits ASV/Polaris, Bobcat MT50/52, Gehl, Thomas 85, Toro & Kanga.
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation
  • Grapple Opens From 3 to 54 inches
  • 2,000 lb Safe Working Load
  • Compact By-Pass Grapple w/ 15,000 lbs. of Crushing Force
  • Universal & Custom Quick Attach
  • Unit Weighs 300 lbs.
  • All Hoses & Quick Connects Included
  • Electric / Hydraulic Kit Included

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