Beck`s Hybrids

- Model 229NR - Tall Early RR Soybean


BECK 229NR™* has very good top end yield potential combined with the height and stress tolerance for the tougher soils of the northern portion of Beck's marketing area. This product is very good for white mold tolerance and has an excellent defensive package with C-gene for Phytophthora resistance and excellent cyst resistance. Use BECK 229NR™* for early harvest and high yields!

  • Exp #: 6927
  • Year Released: Spring 2011
  • Relative Maturity: 2.3
  • Recommended Soil Type+: HP-LP
  • Summer Canopy: Medium
  • Recommended Population: Med. High
  • Recommended Row Widths: Med.-Nar.
  • Yield for Maturity: 7
  • No-Till Adapted: 8
  • Shatter Score: 9
  • Eye Appeal (Harvest): 7

  • Yield Potential
  • Standability
  • No-Till Adapted
  • Phyto. Tolerance
  • Seedling Emergence

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