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There are 2 Beco tri-axle models, the 2400 and the 2600, with respective load capacities of 24 and 26 tons.Increases in agricultural scale have also influenced company logistical systems because of ever increasing yields per hectare and larger distances between fields and processing and/or storage premises.Beco tri-axle agricultural tipping wagons are ideal for covering larger distances on public roads and – with excellent agility on off-road terrain – are able to complete transport tasks quickly and efficiently.To sum it up ‘BECO BRINGS IN YOUR HARVEST’ .Our tri-axle agricultural tipping wagons can be supplied with 2 different hydraulic suspension tridem-axles or with air suspension.

The hydraulic sprung tandem consists of hydraulic compensating axle suspension with consecutive axles fitted with extended spring blades to reduce torsion in the axle bindings, chassis and damper bolt / sleeve.

The other hydraulic suspension version consists of a triangle suspension system.The chassis consists of an all-new triangle suspension system. This triangular suspension is attached crosswise as a standard feature. The suspension, handled by cylinders with maintenance free bearing rams, ensures optimum compensation provided independently by every axle, while, of course, retaining the same play- and maintenance free bearing systems fitted to existing chassis. The smart design of this chassis is a result of Beco’s many years of experience in the manufacture of larger tri-axle wagons of which the ride characteristics are well known. This chassis is also characterised by excellent agility on uneven terrain and superb road handling. A reduction in the necessary towing power is achieved by a large degree of surface adaptation and an excellent steering angle, resulting in low fuel consumption, which is a significant aspect, considering the current price of fuel. Despite the large steering angle, it is still possible to remain within a track width of 2550 mm.

This suspension can be expanded with ride height regulation (by means of a load sensor) and manual levelling for tipping on uneven terrain. This is operated using the control panel in the tractor cabin.

The most expansive version of this type of hydraulic suspension features a system that automatically regulates the ride height and levels the wagon. With our tri-axle wagons, it is possible to choose an axle lift to float the first axle, allowing an empty wagon to ride on only 2 axles.

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