Dairy Farm Bedding Extractor



Dairy Farm Bedding Extractor Easily Removes Bacteria Laden Bedding to Help Reduce SCC and Increase Cow Comfort. Bedding Extractor is designed to remove soiled and bacteria laden bedding from the stall bed. The Auger removes and directs the bedding over the curb and into the aisle for clean up. Fast and easy, which means the chore gets done when needed to help reduce mastitis cases and to improve cow comfort.

Labor Savings Made Easy

Removing soiled and bacteria laden bedding is a back breaking shoveling job that everyone avoids until it becomes a problem. Better health benefits to the herd results from the removal of soiled bedding.

Bedding Extractor with it's powered trench auger makes quick work of removing the bedding material. Remove up to 10' depth and 24' width of bedding materials with ease and speed. The heavy duty components of this equipment are designed, built, and assembled in the USA, by experienced dairymen and knowledgeable engineers.

Bedding Extractor is designed to quickly connect to a skid steer universal mount plate. It attaches quick and easy. It is designed for universal hydraulic attachments, so it will fit on your skid steer without alterations to the hydraulic system components.

Plug-n-Play Simplicity

Plug and Play. Bedding Extractor is designed and built  for heavy duty farm use. The Bedding Extractor is warranted for one full year.

The Bedding Extractors compact design and hydraulically raised boom, makes it easy to maneuver in tight areas.

The parking stand allows Bedding Extractor to remain in the proper position for quick reattachment.

Check Out These Important Features
  • Two passes with the Extractor will cleanly remove up to 10' depth and 24' width of bedding materials
  • Powers bedding into aisle for easy cleanup
  • Effective way to remove high bacteria bedding from rear of stall
  • Carbide mounted teeth removes the toughest bedding
  • Speeds up a labor intensive job
  • Recommended use every six months
  • Removes bacteria laden bedding for healthier dairy cows

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