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Bednar’s mulchers from Knight are designed to mow and maintain field margins, conservation features and other grassland. They include a unique blade arrangement designed specifically to desstroy the hibernation site of the European corn borer which attacks Maize crops.

For mowing grass the mulchers’ four paddle shaped blades are set at the same cutting height at 90 degree angles, the paddle shape creating a suction force that lifts grass for cutting.

But for breaking down stubbles such as maize and oilseed rape, blades are paired up 180 degrees apart, with a paddle shaped blade being positioned below a straight blade so the stalk is chopped in two places.

  • Heavy Duty Mulch Mower
  • Galvanised main deck
  • Contour following wings with walking axles
  • Four blade rotor with counter blades
  • Replaceable wear plates
  • Working widths from 2.25m to 7m

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