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People Carrier Trailer



Designed originally to carry people around a show and farm open day, the Larrington People carrier features 2 row (back to back) seating, and a full length heavy Duty Poly-WeaveLAC-640PVC canopy. Ideal for farm open days, and for transporting people during the shooting season. Both the seating and canopy can be removed easily leaving you with a Flat Deck trailer.

Removable Seating
The seating arrangement has been designed to be compfortable for passengers while being quick and simple to remove when the seating area is not needed.
Removable Heavy Duty Canopy
The Canopy can also be removed quickly and easily when not required.
Removable Side Gates
The side gates are safety necessity wile carying passenger, but these are easily removed when not required.
Doubles up as a flat Deck
Unlike other people carrier trailers, the Larrington People Carrier was designed with the intention of being able to quickly (and easily) add or remove all the people carrier elements (Seating/Canopy/Safety gates) and leaving you with a Flat Deck trailer to carry your bales, boxes etc.. within a minimal amount of time.

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