- Model 62 - Sugar Beat Harvester


Producing quality is the Nr. 1 priority  of Frans Vervaet B.V. You can tell when you have a close look at the Vervaet 625 sugar beet harvesters. These machines are the result of over 30 years experience and a huge investment in research and development. We develop and produce machines that bring up your harvest experience  to the highest  level.

Started  in 1974 in Biervliet, Netherlands, The Vervaet family developped the first self propelled tanker machine .Over the years we improved the machine so it became more reliable, efficient and effective. Frans Vervaet has always strived to  answer the customers highest requirements.

With sons Edwin and Robin Vervaet, in charge of the company since 1993, The  Vervaet Beet Eaterers  are now chosen in many countries as best all-round harvester. We strive to offer you excellent quality machines and we want to help you achive your success..

Why the Beet Eater 625?

Maximum capacity

Some users want a bigger tank to increase capacity. The Beet Eater 625 can harvest up to 1500 meters before the tank is full (at 50 tons per hectare) You can choose to cart  the beet to the heap with the harvester itself, or with the use of tracer bins.

Excellent cleaning

The Vervaet Beet Eater 625 starts cleaning the beet as soon as they are lifted from the ground. This is because the big turbines immediately seave out more then 50% of the lifted soil. Result, the beets are not made dirty with earth. Most other systems collect the beet and soil in the centre of the machine before cleaning begins.

Whole work width covered with tires

The ground pressure is reduced by the six low-pressure tires. If necessary, the machine can drive with a lower tire pressure, which makes the structure of the precious soil is not damaged.

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