- Model 617 - Sugar Beat Harvester


Vervaet’s Beet Eater 617 is the most economical machine on the market ,guaranteed. The concept is tested and improved for years, with great attention for all details.  The machine is still simpler than its competitors, while even the  highest demands for comfort and capacity are fulfilled. The tank capacity of 17 tonnes is sufficient for most conditions, and fits well with the size of tipping trailers  that are most often sold. The four-wheel steering provides good agility. We dare to claim  that this machine has a lower cost price per hectare than any other brand or type of tank harvester available.

Why the Beet Eater 617?


Vervaet is widely known for its simple but technically advanced construction. We do not run too much at the forefront of developments, but take the best of several parties in order to make an excellent machine. Vervaet uses the principle 'everything that’s mounted can break down” without compromising the high standards that the market places.


The Beet Eater 617 is in fact the successor of thte since 1994 produced 17-T machine. The 17-T machine was a further development on the 12-T machine (since the 80's on the market). This makes a long development on the same machine. Not always a new model or principle, but still improve the current model. This results in an almost perfect machine without teething problems, etc.


The economic sustainability of the Beet Eater 617 is reflected in the low maintenance costs and more than above average resale value.

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