- Model 925 - Sugar Beet Harvester


As early as 1974,Vervaet introduced the world's first self propelled tanker harvester. A machine which was capable of topping, lifting, cleaning and transporting the beet simultaneously. In the 30 years since, almost all competitors have followed in our footsteps.

In 2001, to stay ahead of the competition, and to keep sugar beet lifting profitable in the future, Vervaet introduced the 'Beet Eater', the first 9-row ,tanker sugarbeetharvester in the world.

Capacity has proven to be at least 50% more then the conventional 6-row machines. Up to 3 Ha (7,5 acre) per hour is possible
New constructions (Patent applied for) have been developed, unique for sugar beet harvesters. On the Agribex agricultural show in Brussels, we won the prestigious 'gouden aar'

Let us go through the machine from the front to the rear.

Why the Beet Eater 925?

  • Maximum capacity
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Full width equal hit
  • Big tires for minimal ground pressure
  • Variable Adjustable row distance 45-50 cm
  • Agile
  • Not too wide on the road (max 3.50 m)

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