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Its good shelf life and typical taste make red beet into a popular vegetable worldwide. With the development of specific hybrid varieties for different segments, the vegetable is currently developing fast. Rijk Zwaan grows along with it.

Broad, active base

Rijk Zwaan has a growing range in the most important segments: nice and round for the fresh market and efficient, elongated for the processing industry. With new variations in size, e.g. mid-long or extra small, we play into the wishes from the marketplace. We also have a white, round variety, ideal for use in baby food or salads. Our breeding work focuses totally on hybrids.

Nice presentation
As well as giving a good yield per hectare, Rijk Zwaan red beet has good quality as one of its characteristics. A dark red colour, a regular shape and a flawless external presentation, from the root to the foliage implant. We also select on a healthy crop: no bolting and strong against pests and diseases. And, finally, we test all our varieties on their shelf life, so that there is a quality product in the shops year-round.

Unique traits
There is still plenty of room for improvement in new varieties of red beet, for consumers and for growers. We are convinced of that. We have one variety, for instance, that forms a nice round shape at quite an early stage, so this one is ideal for small-beet production. Alongside that variety we produce a monogerm variety with which we distinguish ourselves. Both varieties give a uniform product with huge advantages for fresh-market sales.

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