- Model GRT 250 - Overseeder-aerator & seeder-cultivator

The Green-Rite is a one pass tool which aerates, seeds (or fertilizes), levels and compacts the soil to improve seed germination. It is easy to use and performs several simultaneous operations allowing you to save time and fuel costs, while offering superb results. The machine is equipped with an aerator rotor powered by the tractor PTO; its straight blades on narrow flanges allow the implement to overseed with minimum damage to existing turf. A tilling rotor with 'C' blades is available upon request and may be mounted in place of the straight blade aerator rotor. This converts the Green-Rite into a tiller for seed bed preparation which tills, seeds and compacts the soil in a single pass. Changing the machine over from an aerator to a tiller is a simple operation which can be performed in a few minutes with a pair of wrenches. The Green-Rite is available in three sizes, 58', 66' & 82'. .

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