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- Model 9970 - Shafted Rotary Hall Effect Sensor



Shafted rotary Hall effect sensor that features a 50mm mounting hole spacing and a standard Amp, Superseal connector. The 9970 can use the full 360° travel range. Shaft Size: 6mm. Resolution (Max): 12 Bits. Range of Motion: 30° to 360°. Standard Operating Temperature °C: -40 to +125. Extreme Environments: Wet, Dirty/Dusty, Extended Temperature, High Shock/Vibration.

BEI Sensors Model 9970 Hall Effect rotary position sensor is available in two standard output configurations (0-5 V ratiometric or 4-20 mA) for ease of specification and use. Both versions use a standard Amp, Superseal three terminal connector and are available with 12 active angle ranges, 30 degrees up to 360 degrees (in 30 degree increments) in a single output device. Unlike comparable sensors the 9970 can use the full 360 degree travel range making it extremely versatile.

Packaged in a well-sealed, IP67 and IP69K package and using noncontacting Hall Effect technology ensures an exceptionally rugged and reliable sensor. The Model 9970 is ideal for such harsh environments as steering and pedal position for off highway construction and agricultural vehicles as well as mining, marine and material handling equipment. It is also suitable for valve position indication or control in processing applications.

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