BEI Sensors

- Model GHM3 - Incremental Rotary Encoder



This 30mm size shafted rotary encoder offers high accuracy in a robust, compact package. Shaft Size: 4-6mm (0.16' to 0.24'). Resolution (Max): 1024. Mechanical Speed RPM (Max): 6,000. Standard Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C. Extreme Environments: Wet, Dirty/Dusty.

With its 30mm size and a 6mm solid shaft, this encoder characterizes itself by its strong robustness of the mechanical and optical parts, it’s the most compact really industrial encoder with a solid shaft:

  • High accuracy optical technology
  • Available resolution up to 1024 pulses per revolution
  • Universal electronics 5 to 30Vdc available
  • Application fields : agriculture, construction, forestry vehicles…

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