Mozyr Machine-Building Plant

- Model L82.2/L1221 - Forestry Tractor



Forestry tractor BELARUS L-82.2-02/L1221 is designed for realization of works dealing with reforestation, forest care as well as with care when mounted and trailer equipment is used. Forestry tractor is also used for assortment, whip and trees collecting, forming of packs, their skidding, loading and transporting. Forestry tractor BELARUS L-82.2-02/L1221 is efficient in conditions of plain and cross-country locality, on the cutting areas and pieces of woodland with occurrence of undergrowth, stumps of height up to 0,3m, on the runs and tendrils, on wood-roads, on the snow soil with depth of soil covering up to 0,4 m. It can also be used in the conditions of restricted visibility (dark time of the day, rain and etc.)

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