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The broiler breeder aviary that is good for the birds and the environment. BelEtage is a Big Dutchman innovation that has been registered as a utility model (no. 20 2017 103 502). The correct housing concept, ideal housing equipment and the necessary expert knowledge are prerequisites for successful broiler breeder management. Current concepts are based on manure storage over the entire batch. The drawback: the manure remains inside the house until the birds are moved out. The birds cannot use the area below the nest if this is the case.

Big Dutchman can now present the new broiler breeder aviary BelEtage, a system that not only significantly reduces ammonia emissions in the house, but also increases animal welfare.

  • a total of three levels allow the birds to find raised areas they can use to rest and as a retreat;
  • number of birds per nest: 110 – 120, depending on the breed;
  • simple nest and egg belt monitoring thanks to access from behind the aviary;
  • chain feeding system for the females integrated into the aviary;
  • perches integrated into the aviary above the chain feeding system and on top of the cross beams;
  • nipple lines are suspended from the barn’s ceiling and thus centrally accessible on the top level;
  • the birds can also use the area below the nest;
  • regular manure removal during the batch and manure belt ventilation (optional) significantly reduce ammonia emissions;
  • corrosion-resistant substructure made of stainless steel;
  • easy to install and therefore wellsuited for the renovation of existing houses.

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