Turn your forwarder into a multipurpose device with the grapple saw GMT035 of Gierkink Machine Techniek. With the grapple saw you can fell trees in a safe, fast and efficient way. The grapple saw GMT035 has a fast working cycle, and is well used for maintenance of greenery by roads, railways and parks. Because of its low weight, high quality materials and excellent working diameter the grapple saw is perfectly deployable for harvesting biomass and energy wood. This makes the grapple saw GMT035 very cost effective and it saves you precious time.

Sawing safely with the grapple saw GMT035

Climbing trees is no longer necessary. The grapple saw reaches for high branches and you don’t have to climb trees. This makes tree sawing with the grapple saw very safe. Becausethe grapple holds the tree during the whole sawing process, there is almost no wood droppage to clean up. The tree parts are taken down in a controlled way. Now that's working safely at great heights!

Easy installation without technical modifications

The grapple saw GMT035 can be mounted without any technical modifications to any kind of a forwarder that can also operate a normal grapple. Thanks to the patented valve block there are no extra hydraulic lines and/ or electric cables needed. Carry out your felling jobs without additional manpower.

Forwarder brands compatible with the grapple saw GMT035

Here are some examples of forwarder brands that are compatible with the grapple saw GMT035: EcoLog, John Deere,Komatsu, Logset, Ponsse Wisent, Welte, HSM, Valmet and Gremo. 

This is why I choose GMT
  • Only original grapple function needed
  • No use of additional hydraulic hoses and/or electrical steering
  • Multifunctional use of your machine thanks to the Quick Coupler

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