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- Model SC 70 - Circular Sawing Machine



The circular saw SC 70 by BELL is destined to the professional users, è destinata agli operatori professionisti, particularly requesting on power and performance.The diameter of the blade is 700 mm to cut even 250mm wood logs.Size is important, however the SC 70 keeps a compact design, typical of BELL products.One of the main feature is the wheels which allow to move the SC 70 very easily, another one is the telescopic rod which allow to load even longer wood logs, and the 'set-size' rod which let the user saw all logs at the same length.In spite of the smaller version SC 45, the circular saw SC 70 cannot be delivered disassembled, but only assembled and ready to work.

For the most requiring users, the circular saw SC 70by BELL can be supplied with a blade in Widia.

  • Standard blade Ø mm 700 x 30  - D. 60
  • Widia blade Ø mm 700 x 30 - D. 46
  • Adjustable loading rod
  • Set-size rod

  • E98103070 Widia blade Ø mm 700 x 30 - D.46

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