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- Model TURBO 7 - Log Splitters



TURBO 7 is the log splitter with a high power of thrust suitable for the home and semi-professional use.As a result from BELL experience, which has been assembling professional log splitter for years, TURBO 7 is made of technical innovations and features unbelievable to be put on home-use machine until today!7 tons of thrust to break even the most sturdy wood, automatic double speed to reduce the working time and improve the performance, wheels to move it easily and a covered structure which grants strength and an agreeable shape.

TURBO 7 is based on sophisticated mechanics, in a perfect balance of experience and technology. The question how to split the firewood has finally been answered.

The double speed grants high performances as TURBO 7 can be suitable for the family but also for the professionnal men who use the log splitters daily. The two speeds can be switched manually by the operator to reduce the time waste between one log split and another. Less wood resistence means higher velocity of thrust.

  • K91250030 TAV. SUPPORTO - Working bench-top for TURBO

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