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- Model WOODY 40 N and 50 N - Horizontal Log Splitter



WOODY 40 'N'  and WOODY 50 'N' are the home log splitters perfect for the family.Compact design, powerful, and easy to operate. The best solution for whoever wants to split the wood at home, whenever, wherever.With 4 tons of thrust, this log splitter can split even the most sturdy wood logs in a few minutes (even logs of over 25 cm of diameter). The special guides keep the log always in the centre of the wedge, while the precision of the split allows to prepare thin logs, suitable to light the fire. The log capacities of WOODY 'N'    can be 37 or 52 centimeters, depending on the model chosen (WOODY 40 'N'  or  WOODY 50 'N').

WOODY 40 'N'  and WOODY 50 'N' are safe as they’ve been projected for being operated through the 'two hand ZHB'  system which forces the user to operate the machine with both the hands at the same time, one on the lever and the other one on the switch). This way the risks to get hurt  while working are zero!

The use of the computer allowed to machine and assemble the WOODY 'N' with a small number of parts reducing the maintenance of this machine to the minimum.

Thanks to its compact design, its light weight  (only 35Kg for the WOODY 40 “N” version), and the wheels, WOODY 'N'  can be moved easily and put in a corner or in the trunk of any car!

K91250030 - TAV. SUPPORTO - working bench-top for WOODY

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