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- Model MVS- 12 & MVS-14 - Single Self Propelled Vertical Mixer



The single self-propelled vertical mixer adds the advantages of a trailed vertical mixing the fact that it is completely autonomous, doing away with the need for a tractor for moving or loading. In the same way as the trailed vertical mixers,  operation is based on a tapered tub and a vertical conical auger that allows any type of product to be chopped or mixed.

Mixing is carried out by the effect of the multiple serrated blades of the auger, which cut the product while it moves up and then falls back down thanks to gravity.

The machine has a frontal cutting mechanism incorporated. This cutter, by means of the transporter belt enables the products the mix is made up of (fibre, forage, corn silage) to be loaded  inside the tub.

The engine is located at the front, thus achieving a very compact machine, which allows great manoeuvrability and is ideal for installations with difficult access.

This model, thanks to its characteristics, can have an optional 4-wheel drive, which further increases its adaptability to the environment where you work.

  • Mixing system with a single thick vertical resistant auger and interchangeable  blades.
  • 126 CV. engine situated on the front right part (IVECO)
  • Hydraulic circuit situated behind the cab beside the engine with flexible piping.
  • Side door discharge (optional second side discharge door or back belt).
  • PVC Belt.
  • Hopper for concentrates on loading belt.
  • Front traction by directional shaft and piston engine.
  • Parking , service and emergency brake on the front axis.
  • Speed 0-15 km/h.
  • Front directional axis permits  40º turning
  • Spring leaf suspension on front axis.
  • Medium duty LINDE variable flow pumps for transmission and mixing.
  • Medium pressure piston mixer Engine HP (350 bar).
  • Sides and bottom in anti-wear material.
  • Auger in anti-wear material.
  • 1,900 mm long cutter with 75 CV motor.
  • Loading chain reinforced with Polyethylene crossbars
  • Folding cab door.
  • Seat with pneumatic suspension.
  • PERIN M-600 programmable scale (15 recipes x 15  ingredients).
  • Speed 0-15 km/h.
  • Rear wheels ref. 225/75 R 17.5 or 435/50 R19.5.
  • Front wheels ref. 305/70-R19.5.
  • Cutter lowering adjustment electrically driven from the cabin.
  • Pressure switch to adjust working pressure of the cutter.
  • Mixer work pressure gauge.
  • Oil temperature indicator of mixer gear.
  • Hydraulic oil temperature indicator.
  • Hydraulic oil level low warning.
  • Breakdown lights.
  • Extinguisher in thermoplastic box.
  • Tool box with brake unblocking tool.
  • Mud flaps.
  • Ready for registration and air conditioning.
  • Rear right and left working light.

  • Fixed magnet on discharge conveyor.
  • Air con. and heating.
  • Rear mirrors with electrical resistance.
  • Electrical rear windows.
  • Working light.
  • Accessories and documentation for registration.
  • Sweeper.
  • Cutter support.
  • hydrogen accumulator suspension.
  • cutter length increase.
  • Video camera.
  • Service brake on two axis.
  • Reversible fan.
  • Centralised lubrication.
  • Differential lock.
  • Increase motor power.
  • Stainless steel cutter.
  • Parabolic spring-leaf suspension.
  • Front pneumatic suspension.
  • Speed 0-25 Km/h.
  • Speed 0-40 Km/h.
  • 2 directional axis.
  • 4-wheel traction.
  • Second side door.
  • Additional belt with hydraulic control.
  • Side moving belt.
  • Rear discharge belt both sides.

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