- Model 700463-1 - Snow Blade / Compact & Northeast Line Electric Lift



This snow blade is specially designed for lawn and garden applications, is perfect for plowing snow. So easy to use, just clip it on whenever you need it, get the work done and clip it off.

  • Warranty : Residential Use : 1 year, Semi-commercial, Professional or Rental Use: 90 days
  • Dimensions : 48' wide by 14' high
  • Weight : 80 lb
  • Lift : Electric Lift. This system is activated by an electric winch controlled from the driver's seat, included with the subframe.
  • Powder Coating : Black powder coat is baked on for a long rust free life.

  1. Material : Made of 11 gauge steel. Capable of pushing any type of snow.
  2. Angling handle : Angles from the driver's seat. Handle located to the left side of the driver. Angles 0 to 20° to the left or right.
  3. Trip Spring : Equipped with large spring tht enables the blade to topple over any solid obstacle & return to its original position. This mechanism assists to reduce risk of damage to blade and vehicle.
  4. Reinforcement : Central reiforcement made of 11 gauge steel for rigidity.
  5. Skid Shoes : Adjustable and replaceable. Enables blade to glide over terrain.
  6. Scraper : Made of 3/16' thick steel, reversible & replaceable. Protects base of blade for longer life span.

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