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- Model 9104 - Chain Conveyor



10 1/2' X 2 1/2' rubber paddles. Can move feed up to 80 feet. Length can be changed on the job. Heavy-duty 16 gauge incline hopper. 14 gauge top trough; 16 gauge bottom trough. Chain speed can range between 105-175 FPM. Maximum span allowed 20 feet. Reversing options at no additional cost. Large cleanout holes at the idler end. Weather protection covers are available. Easy chain tightening. Greaseable bearings. Optional decline & detachable chain. Motor can be top mounted or underneath. Pintle chain is standard. Built simple & rugged.


Not only designed to move feed fast and efficiently. Designed to protect you, your livestock and your pocket book.
Our 9104 Chain Conveyor is so easy to maintain and operate. It may be the most reliable piece of feeding equipment you will ever own. The 9104 Chain Conveyor is bolted together and not welded. One small dent or bend to a welded conveyor requires major repairs. A damaged section of our conveyor can be field replaced in a matter of minutes using only a couple of wrenches, no cutting torch, grinder or welder needed. Fire and electrical shock are virtually eliminated. Repairs to our 9104 if necessary are made safer for you and your livestock.

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