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- Model HLM Series - Self Locking Panels


Just what you would expect from the company that has provided top-quality products to the dairy industry for over 80 years! Combining all the best features, applying experience and listening to top producers from across the USA, BERG has developed the ultimate self-locking feed panel. Compare BERG's panels feature-by-feature with all other self-lock panels and you will find out why it is the BEST!

  • The HLM Series Self Lock Panels are being improved to provide an optional field adjustable neck widths that will allow you to better manage your facilities to your livestock needs.
  • The HLM Cow Panel has a neck width adjustment from 6' to 7.5' at 23' openings and is 40' high. For animals 600 pounds and up.
  • The HLM Calf Panel has a neck width adjustment from 5' to 6' at 19' openings and is 36' high. For animals 200 to 650 pounds.

Simple, easy access release mechanism with built-in grip to prevent injured knuckles.

Made from Gatorshield 2x2 tubing for added strength and supplemented with 1.9 OD Gatorshield Agri-tube 60 uprights.

Down cow or 'easy out' feature allows easy egress in case of slipping while panel is in 'unlocked' position.

  • Simple handle mechanism for reliable operation.
  • Highly adaptable to flat or tilt-out mounting.
  • Can be adapted to mounting to flat, tubular or round columns.

  • Optional pins allow you to hold selected animals and release others. Excellent for Special Needs Barns and Heifer raising facilities.
  • Swinging neck pipes have bushings in pivot point to prevent wear.
  • Use simple couplers to add release rails or simply weld together.

BERG gives you more features and more quality for your equipment dollar. Easy installation in almost every barn configuration. 8', 10' and 12' panels are available for Calves through Cows. Contact your favorite BERG Supplier for additional pricing and details.

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