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- Model TMR - Total Mixed Ration Mixer



Improve herd production, animal health and save precious time and effort with BERG Sandmark Mixers.  Continuous tumble action mixes quickly and thoroughly.  Total cleanout and no reversing to unload means less labor and maintenance.  Call your local dealer to see how cost-effective a BERG Sandmark mixer can be for your operation.

“NEW” Pneumatic mixer door. Air operated door makes it easy to integrate mixer into any automated system. The drop chute allows for mounting to outlet conveyor.


Tumble-Action Makes The Difference!
In just 1-3 minutes, the BERG Sandmark mixer blends all ingredients into a total-mixed ration.  Total clean-out is assured with the BERG Sandmark mixer.  Increased milk production, higher butterfat tests, improved herd health, fewer veterinary bills, lower feed costs and savings in labor are some of the results.

Quality Design and Construction!
Heavy-gauge, totally welded, roller-chain driven, steel drum is one of the unit's few moving parts, with only two grease fittings.  No aggressive augers to crush the feed or cause dead spots of slotted bolt holes where feed can collect, filter-out or spoil. Continuous, one-way rotation of the drum allows gravity to do the work for loading, unloading and mixing, thereby reducing horsepower requirements (only 3/4 h.p. to 3 h.p. on forage mixers).  All BERG Sandmark mixers are factory-assembled and tested...ready to operate as soon as the motor and scale are installed.

  • Continuous tumble action assures that, in just minutes, the BERG SANDMARK mixer blends all ingredients into a uniform mixture
  • Fastest blend time in the industry
  • The lowest cost per cubic foot capacity mixer on the market
  • Drum is the only moving part
  • No “dead-spots” for product to accumulate meaning less maintenance
  • Our unique design assures total clean out every time you mix without time consuming reversing to unload
  • No reversing to unload increases drive train life
  • Tumble action means no aggressive augers, paddles or ribbons to damage material
  • Reinforced shaft, handles the heaviest loads
  • State-of-the-art synthetic seal lasts longer & reduces costly replacement
  • Easy to maintain with only two grease fittings
  • Low horse-power requirements for increased energy efficiency
  • Recessed magnets in unload chute for metal collection
  • Electronic scales available
  • Automatic shut down and alarm options

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