- Trailed Sprayer


The SPRINTER trailed sprayer provides an answer to customers looking for a simple, compact and lightweight machine. Its intelligent architecture has been developed to combine the practical with the economic in a “small format”. The SPRINTER is the ideal choice for a modern technical solution: a compact, light and multipurpose machine. Its small size, its low weight and its compact size makes this a machine which only requires low towing power.


  • Working width 18, 20, 21, and 24m
  • AXIALE suspension
  •  Angle corrector and centred independent folding
  • Tractor distributors, electro-hydraulic selector (SEH) and electro-hydraulic spool valves (ED)

  •  “L” boom structure

  • Width 15 and 18m
  • Vertical fold away boom
  • Suspension with 2 links
  • Angle corrector
  • Independent arm folding

DPM Autoregulation – Constant volume/hectare for one gear ratio, for speed variation up to 20%. Standard manual

regulation valve and electric control of V.E.C. boom section flap valves with main spray shut-off.

DP Tronic  – Electronic regulation with pressure sensor. The regulation valve regulates the output at the boom depending on the measured pressure and the forward speed.

  • Available booms: 15 – 24 m
  •   Capacities: 2500
  •   Chassis: Non-suspended
  •   Regulation: DPM or DP TRONIC (DPAE)
  •   Types of pump: GAMA 3 pistons BERTHOUD pump 130 litres/min or 160 litres/min or Optional LP membrane pistons 280 litres/min

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