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TENOR, the new trailed sprayer, is designed to meet the requirements of the future. Safe and easy to operate, greater productivity, ergonomics, ecofriendliness and best spraying practice – nothing has been overlooked in the design of this new machine. New lines, rounded shape, high-performance features in a sprayer which is fully equipped/fully integrated for unmatchable operating ease and convenience. This sprayer complies with the most stringent international standards and the legislation of a great many countries. The TENOR range comprises 4 capacities (2800, 3500, 4300 and 5500 litres) with boom spans from 24m to 42m dependingon the model. TENOR can be fitted with DPM regulation (“Autorégleur”) or DPE regulation (DP Tronic).


Available from 24 to 33 m.

Exceptional vertical stability especially when turning and very good stability on sloped ground thanks to its central pivot suspension. It follows variations in slopes without any action required by the user.

The boom is equipped with an anti-yaw device independent for each arm. This system reduces horizontal whiplash when accelerating and braking to protect the boom structure.

EKTAR B2 boom:

Available in 36, 38, 40 and 42 m, the EKTAR B2 boom was developed by BERTHOUD to provide you with a real advantage to increase your productivity.

EKTAR B3 boom:

Available in 36 а 44 m, the EKTAR B3 boom has a POMMIER design arm and is associated to a BERTHOUD pendulo axiale suspension.

A point in common between the EKTAR B2 and B3: the pendulo Axiale boom suspension

  • Allows you to work in Axiale mode or in pendulum mode, you can switch from one mode to the other from the cab
  • Double anti-whiplash effect = on unfolding actuators of the main arms and on the mobile frame
  • Slope control, variable geometries and reset as standard


A 3 arm folding boom available in 32, 33, 36 and 38 m. Equipped as standard with axiale suspension, it offers several advantages.

  • AXIALE : 24 - 38 m
  •   Capacities: 2800 - 6700
  •   Chassis: Non-suspended or suspended ('S' model)
  •   EKTAR B2: 36 - 42m
  •   EKTAR B3: 36 - 44m
  •   KONDOR: 32 - 38m
  •   Regulation: DPM, DP CONTROL or EC TRONIC
  •   Types of pump: BP 280 or OMEGA

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