Bertocchi S.r.L.

Bertocchi S.r.L.

- Liquefying Machine for IQF/frozen Fruits and Vegetables


ThermoCRUNX is a machines Series designed for crunching, dosing, partially liquefying and transferring a frozen product to be used in an extraction plant. A partial liquefying of the product happens in very quick way (a few seconds) thanks to Thermopulse device, a compact and patented system that allows to defrost partially the product mixing mechanical pulses with thermal exchange. Delta and Gamma are basically different in terms of type of frozen product that can be used as a feeding.

Kind of processable product:

  • frozen puree slab
  • frozen puree block
  • frozen puree drum
  • rolling IQF

Final product:

  • semi-fluid fruit puree
  • semi-fluid vegetable puree

Final use of the obtained products:

  • extraction/refining/blending/thermal treatment of puree for high temperature storage/aseptic
  • baby foods
  • jam
  • fruit juices

Kind of process:

  • crunching, dosing and liquefying

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