Bespoke Systems


With over 40 years of experience, our team will design and manufacture a bespoke system with all the features required to assist in your sheep farming activity. Made in Scotland with British Steel, our solutions are built to last, with quality and strength at the core of all our projects. We believe our products can help ensure a safe and efficient working environment for our farmers.

The aim of Rancher has always been to build systems, which provide easy flow for stock, ruling out any sharp corners and using equipment tall enough to deter animals from considering trying to jump out.

Strength and quality have always been paramount with Rancher and is even more important today. All equipment is galvanised after manufacture.

Dippers are occasionally requested these days and Rancher can offer their own design of fiberglass side entry dipper along with designs of long swim galvanized steel dippers.

At Rancher, we listen to our customers and advise accordingly wherever possible. We want each customer to have a system suited to their needs which they will have pleasure working with; to this end, we provide clear plans along with a 3D design.

Finally, Rancher deal direct with the customer to provide the best possible service.

Featured Sheep Handling Equipment
  • Mobile Sheep Handler
  • Gripper Sheep Handler / Weigher
  • Permanent Sheep Pens
  • Guillotine Gate
  • Joiner Hoop
  • Drafting Gate
  • Sheep Housing

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