- Living Bacteria Nourishing and Enriching Soil and Plant in Natural Ways



Soil mýcro-organisms play an actýve role in the many chemical and physýcal changes that take place in the soýl. Soýi micro-organism are vital components for soil productývity facýlitating recycling plant nutrition elemenls such as nitrogen and carbon. They help break down organýc matter that ýs any how ýncorporated in the soil and recycle plant nutrients Some bacteria specýes increase the availability of certain nutrient elements (e.g. phosphorous) Nitrogen týxir>g bacteria transform the elementary nýtrogent ýn the aýr in the aerial cavities of soil structure into the organic forms that can be utýlised by plant roots.

Productivity cl the soils gradually vvorsened because of long term use of ýntensive agricultural inputs Chemical fertýlisers excessývely utýlised m the crop productýon caused salimsation and deterýoratýon ýn the agricultural soils. When consýdered economically. chemical ferlilýser are envýronmentally damaging to produce and costfy to use let alone ever ýncreasýng amounts of applýcatýon are needed to maintaýn the productivity of soils and create residual pollutýons. Increasýng use of chemical fertýlisers further vvorsened soýl pollutýon in ali över the v/orld. Chemical residual pollutýon ýs now a globallyexperýenced problem

BEST-DOLL wýth its rých content of a varýety of bacteria scavenge residual and bound salts that cause soil salýnisation such as nýtrate. phosphate, nýtrite and transform them into the forms that can be easify utýlised by the plants BEST-DOLL fýxes the elementary

nitrogen present in soýl aýr cavities in to the organýc forms that can be taken up by plants. Some of the bacteria present in the formulation dýgest harmful chemical residues and metabolýse some of the chemicals hence cleaning the soýl in vvhých they Irve

The bacteria in the formulation synthesýse plant growth promoting substances using the organic matter present ýn the soil for the plant to take up and hence plants give much higheryietds.

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