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The BeTrac Electro Tow Truck is the most easy and versatile tow truck in the greenhouse industry. It distinguish itself by its high quality components, long life time simple design. Versatile and reliable The versatile BeTrac is the 'icing on the cake' in your internal greenhouse logistics. And by the use of a normal comfortable chair and steer its really easy and enjoyable to use. The extremely solid BeTrac is because of its electromotor environmentally friendly and makes no noise. Because of its compact design the BeTrac is very manoeuvrable. It’s the perfect solution to transport your harvest carts. If used as Automatic Tow Truck (AGV) the BeTrac can be fully integrated in the logistic/ and handling systems in the packing hall.


Manual or Automatic
Standard you´ll find the BeTrac as a manual operated truck. Optional it can be equipped with induction components for full automatic transport (AGV) on a induction wire in the concrete floor. As AGV it can organize the transport of your harvest carts from the greenhouse to the packing and vice versa completely automatic.

Efficient Logistical Solution
The BeTrac brings the harvest carts to the packing hall and position each cart quick and precise in front of the push unit or container crane. In this way you´ll have an optimal integration with your logistical and processing Lines in the packing hall.

If you opt for full automatic induction steering we will include laser scanners or similar sensors to avoid dangerous situations or even collisions.

Induction steering

  • At Berg Hortimotive you will find induction engineers who can design every single possible track between greenhouse and packing hall. A simple loop , or a complicated trajectory with junctions etc. it´s all possible.
  • Operating one or more BeTracs, if necessary by central control systems which include the necessary software to monitor them so you´ll always know where they are.
  • Automatic doors, if applicable will be opened and closed by the software of the BeTrac system.

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