Model BF Series - Grain Cleaners



GRAIN CLEANER is the instrument for the automatic measurement of the cereals impurities, it is suitable and essential in the modern cereals storage, mills, laboratories and other activities of the agro industrial range. The innovative system of Grain Cleaner is simply the complete automatization of the process, in fact the user has only to load the product in the hopper, and after few seconds of working, Grain Cleaner is able to arrange the reliable percentage of impurity in the sample and print one or more tickets.The weighing in entry, the clearing with the drum conveyor pulley with different holes (for every kind pf product), the electronic run of the air flow for the light parts and, as last thing, the ended weighing of the clean product permit to Grain Cheaner the possibilty to work giving a great reliability. The standard clearing can be applied for every type of cereal and oilseed crops, peas, beans or difficult products like sunflower seed.    


Switch on the instrument with ON/OFF on the right side and after few seconds from the welcome messagge, Grain Cleaner is ready to work. After introducing the sample to measure in the hopper, press the START button and the instrument starts the working.The weighing motorized hopper is open and the product is unloaded into the loading hopper, through a measuring spoon, it enters in the drum conveyor where in the first zone the impurities are eliminated, the small seed and the dust fall down in the drawer under the instrument. In the second zone the product is separeted from the small impurities which are push from the air pression of the fan. The clean product is stored in the principal drawer and it automatically weights from the system. At the end, in the third zone, is separated from the bigger parts of impurities which fall down in their drawer.


Working totally automatic without any operation from the user.
The clearing of the sample permits a careful estimation of all the deliveries.
The price can be negotiated according to the clean samples.
Every component of the instrument is accessibile with the rapid and easy substitution of the drum conveyor.
This instrument can be used for a great quantity of products.
The drum conveyor has a autocleaning system.
The clean product permits a careful measurement of the moisture percentage and the quality of product.
It works silently without vibration and it doesn’t need service.     


  • Height: 650 mm
  • Width: 355 mm
  •  Lenght: 605 mm
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Power supply: 12 Volt
  • Absorption: mA
  • Max weight sample: 800 gr. circa (settable)
  • Min weight sample: 200 gr. circa (settable)
  • Drum conveyor type: wheat, corn, soyabean, barley, rice...

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