Model BF - Flow Counter



FLOW COUNTER Plus represents the best method for the weighing in continuous of granular and dusty materials with low moisture and a good flow, such as: cereals, fodders, plastic matters and other products. It's ideal in these cases: 1) When the lorries are laoded in the limits of the law. 2) Instantaneous control for the on line working. 3) Capacity regulation. 4) Control of the quantity in the warehouses or silos. 5) Respect the process of the mix. 6) Mix in continuous of different products. 7) Dosage per cent of liquids in addition.

A tube of measure in which passes the material for the weighing and there is also the electronic sensore.
Connecting cable between the tube of measure and the electronic control unit (standard length 10 mt) max 500 mt.
Electronic control unit in order to see the data of time capacity (in kg/h o ton/h).
The total weight.
The kind of the product and the load cycle used in that moment (as optional there is also the back-board version and the printer with common paper).

Flow Counter “BF” in the version straight enter is available in 5 models. The mechanical dimensions change according to the model and the desired maximum capacity.
BF 02 (MAX 2 TON/H ), BF 15 (MAX 15 TON/H), BF 30 (MAX 30 TON/H), BF 100 (MAX 100 TON/H), BF 200 (MAX 200 TON/H).


  • Feed: 220Vac/12Vdc. fitting 1,5 A
  • Use: 250mA 3W
  • Temperature of use: -10 ÷ 60°C
  • Maximum capacity of the adding machine: 9.999.999 Kg
  • Resolution: 1Kg
  • Maximum distance of the weighing tube/panel: 500m
  • Display: 16x2 LCD alphanumeric and back lit up
  • Memories: 20 Formulas: 10
  • Components ( relè in out ): 5
  • Analogical out ( option ): 0-10V 4-20mA for interface with PLC
  • Connecting interface: RS 232

NOTE: The manufactures reserve the right to change the products without any previous notice

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