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Model BFT Series and H Series - Sickle Bar Mower


DESCRIPTION : Enoagricola Rossi is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of sickle bar mowers. All of our machines are manufactured in our factory using only the highest quality materials. The sickle bar mowers have an allowable cut from - 45° to + 90°, respect to the horizontal plan, to allow the mowing of hedges, ditches, banks, etc. Three Point Hitch with double action cutter bar. All bars are equipped with automatic safety release to protect the bar from any obstacles. Standard production equipment: cardan shaft, spare blade and blade protection. Our mowers are individually tested  before shipment.

IDEAL FOR : small tractors. Built to adapt to any type of land. Ideal for hay or ditch bank mowing.

KEY FEATURES : The compactness of the sickle bar mower allows to work with low-power tractors ensuring money savings as well as productivity.

MODELS : BFT SERIES and H SERIES with hydraulic lift. 


  • Frame and 3 point hitch made of FE 510 steel.
  • Transmission via three groove pulleys made of spheroidal cast iron with n. 3 belts.
  • Drive shaft made of tempered and highly resistant 39NiCrMo3. 
  • Self-sharpening blade having riveted sections made of high quality steel.
  • External shoe made of spheroidal cast iron.                                                          
  • Main cutter bar made of 55Si7 to ensure high resistance and optimal flexibility. 
  • Automatic safety release to protect the bar from any obstacles.                                      
  • 1080 movements at 540 rpm.
  • Cuts at 90° up and 75° down.
  • High quality powder-coat paint.
  • Heavy duty shielded PTO shaft.

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