Bijlsma Hercules B.V.

Model BG 15.000-4/5 - Grading Machines



For models 15.000, the steel, rubber-protected riddles consist of two parts. After removing a single bolt, the riddles can be slid in or out of the riddle box, sideways. This simple action can be carried out on either side of the machine. Elongated tubers that get stuck in the riddles are lifted out of the riddles by the dual-automatic riddle cleaner.

Machine standard equipped with:

  • Solid basic frame that can be build-in by means of a module construction at almost every place. Herewith the machine is extremely suitable to apply at renovation activities.
  • Double pusher frame for gentle removal of long potatoes out of the riddles
  • Pushers with double coverage for an absolutely damage free operation.

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