Model BH-1000E - Bumper Hoist


The BH-1000E Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist is a unique and durable machine that is capable of lifting up to 1000 lbs and simply and neatly folds down into the bumper when not in use.  Its hydraulic system consists of a 12V dc electric/hydraulic pump with mounted solenoid control valve.  (Note: this pump can be remotely mounted if interference is encountered.)  Operation of the hoist is simple with a hand held control unit with buttons for “up” and “down.”  When the “up” button is depressed, a solenoid engages the power for the motor and pressure is applied to the unit.  When the “down” button is depressed, a solenoid opens the valve (motor stays off) and the pressure is released from the cylinders.  The Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist is quick to respond to the operator’s commands. 

The remote switch lets one operator control raising and lowering a load and stabilizing it with their other hand at the same time.  The power requirements of the hoist are minimal and continual use is possible.  The unit has a tool box located on the left hand side of the bumper.  This tool box stores the power cable, chains, and tools.  There is also storage in the main frame of the hoist to hold the included stabilizer stands. The BH-1000E hoist easily makes the work of two or more people into child's play for one.  The BH-1000E is perfect for contractors, service people, farmers, and utility companies.  Also, when used correctly, the hoist can help prevent back injuries, costly doctors bills and workman’s compensation claims.  People who are susceptible to back injury can become more productive again.  The bumper hoist can solve many delivery and service problems and make your business more profitable. You will have increased productivity, less injuries, and a BUMPER HOIST that will last a lifetime.

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