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- Model FastCheck - Allergy Test – Food Panel



Tests for more than 24 different allergens, 12 airborne allergens and 12 food allergens using two separate tests: Fastcheck Inhaled tests for house dust mite, cat epithelium, stinging nettle pollen, hazelnut pollen, birch pollen, cladosporium herbarum (mould) grass pollen, latex, aspergillus fumigatus (mould) mugwort pollen, dog epithelium, alternaria alternate (mould).

  • Covers 90% of the UK’s most common allergens
  • Safer and more comfortable than conventional allergy tests – including blood tests and skin prick tests
  • Results visible to the naked eye in just 30 minutes
  • Requires just 2 to 3 drops of capillary blood taken from fingertip or earlobe
  • Much more effective at detecting specific allergens than conventional allergy tests, i.e. can pinpoint an allergy to a specific type of nut
  • Developed from established laboratory technology resulting in excellent performance
  • A great first step in diagnosing and treating allergies – developed by one of Europe’s leading diagnostic specialists – DST.

The benefits for you

  • Provides a low-cost simple screening solution for allergies
  • Easy to use
  • Fast, accurate results
  • Allows you to test for more than 24 different allergens covering 90% of the UK’s most common allergies
  • Better diagnosis of allergies means better patient care
  • Reduces waste – no more prescribing unnecessary medication or treatment

The benefits for your patients

  • Accurate test allows accurate diagnosis – making it easier to avoid allergens and receive effective treatment
  • Fast results – enabling quicker relief from the misery of allergy symptoms, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Pain-free (virtually) and much more comfortable than a blood or skin prick test
  • No risk of the test triggering Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)
  • Suitable for the majority of patients including children greater than 5 years old and pregnant women

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