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- Model 92 - High Performance Wood Chippers


The Biber 92 model is characterised by its convincing efficiency and perfect performance. It is ideal for processing timber of up to 75 cm in diameter. Its feeder with a width of 122 cm can handle even unwieldy material and efficiently process it. The chipping roller, exceeding 1m in diameter, with its 10 respectively 20 chipping knives or optional blades, along with its large screen, produces as well precise fine as coarse chips, size of G50 or G100, for industrial furnaces. The new multi-purpose chipping rotor consists of high-strength and low-wear materials and is distinguished by intelligent patented screw links. It is especially persistent, easy in maintenance and service reduced.

Biber 92 ZK
Ideal for operating in fields and meadows is the compact ZK variant, drawing its energy from a PTO shaft. This device is only 2.55 m wide, even when equipped with class 600 tires.

Biber 92 RBZ
Its compact size with a width of only 2.55 m, its high mobility and the convenient driving and operation (the truck cabin intelligently turns into the operator’s stand for woodchipping) distinguish the Biber 92 RBZ model as the currently unchallenged woodchipping device. Its six-wheel-drive with its twisted axles leaves you every option for operating this woodchipping device wherever mobility and cross-country abilities are required. In addition, its maximum speed of 80 km/h is hardly superceded by any device currently available on the market.

Biber 92 RBM
Its broad feeder and its conveyor belt up to 3.1 m in length allow processing of even long trunks. The device is turnable to a degree of 90° to the left or right, so timber stored at both sides of forestry roads can be processed. The chipping rotor (more than 1m in diameter) is driven by a 650 hp Ad Blue Scania engine. New blowers with a diameter of more than 2m allow gentle spouting of wood chips and lead to a high capacity of the device.

Biber 92 ZK top
The ‚top’ model does completely without augers and blowers. The conveyor belt is positioned directly below the screen! The effect is a higher capacity and production of wood chips in an even higher quality.

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