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For the best and sustainable higher yields of tea with quality, and highest crop growth it is essential that physiological and biochemical processes within the plant system in tea are maintained at their optima. Biccosulph developed after long term research in our laboratories in collaboration with different national laboratories, integrates biological materials with other compounds to provide a unique crop booster.
It acts not only independently of the levels of fertilizers, but also increases tea's ability to withstand stress conditions and absorb more nutrients from the soil. Biccosulph thus helps in saving fertilizer use, but more than that, use ofBiccosulph helps in increasing tea yields in the range of 20-30% and even above.

Optimal applications of Biccosulph enhance better foliar growth and hence greatly improve the leaf appearance. There is evidence that by helping in enhancing the photosynthetic activity, applications of Biccosulph also help in reducing the respiratory losses. The overall effect is increasing the net productivity of the plant. Additional advantages of Biccosulph include prevention of nutrient deficiencies, particularly those of micronutrient elements. More important of these are integrated in the configuration of Biccosulph for better functional efficacy.

For convenience and effectiveness under specific growing situatoins, we have developed two grades of Biccosulph.The liquid formulation exclusively for foliar applications on tea, and the powder formulation is specifically for situations where foliar application is not possible.

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