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- Model BIO 2001 - Biopesticides



BICCO AGRO PRODUCTS proudly introduce this new plant based biocide in agriculture to bring into reality the dream of a prosperous 21st century toxic free agriculture. We do not wish to sound too pompous, but this novel pesticide, based on Furoflavone from Karanjin, will provide the best of Biological Management of pests and diseases in agricultural and plantation sectors in a way unmatched any where in the world.
This new and novel biocide by its action wil revolutionise pest management in the most dramatic way, being at the same time, most economic and environment friendly.

BIO 2001 has been extensively evaluated under varied agroecological conditions for its environment friendly mode of action and residual free effects in agriculture. Results everywhere have not only been most significant and positive but highly cost effective too. Bicco Agro Products invite you to join them in this endeavour for the most dramatic pest management programme that can possibly be visualised in agricultural scenario and thereby in the prosperity of the nations. Bicco Agro Products is moving not only with time, but also ahead of time as well. 

BIO 2001 gives the most effective and lasting control of all species of tetranychids - the red spider mites, and other mite pests of crops. The effective range of mite control by BIO 2001 in the range of 95% is far superior to any standard acaricide. Mites cause considerable crop losses, apart from adversely affecting the growth and productivity of crop plants. 

BIO 2001 helps overcome these problems by its direct mortality effect on eggs and all damaging stages of all mite pests. Normally, one round of application gives the most effective and lasting control. BIO 2001 is therefore much more economic to use than any standard acaricide. 

BIO 2001 is also potent against sap feeders like Aphids, Thrips, Jassids and related types of pests and against Leafeaters like early stages of looper and other early instars caterpillars. BIO 2001 is the only plant based acaricide of its kind to give the most wide range control of tetranychid red spiders and other mites with an added advantages of being effective against other sap feeding insect pests as well. 

BIO 2001 thus provides excellent coverage for all species of mites in any agricultural system. It is the only plant based acaricide completely developed, formulated and manufactured in the country using indigenous technology. BIO 2001 can easily compete with any standard inorganic acaricide in terms of efficiency, economics and persistence. Moreover, unlike inorganic acaricides, BIO 2001 does not create any enviromental problem and keeps agro-ecosystem totally pollution free.


  • Mite Species : Principle Host(s)
  • Tetranychus (Tetranychus) Cinnabarinus : Lady's Finger, Tea, Cotton.
  • Tetranychus evansi : Brinjal, Papaya, Potato, Tomato
  • Tetranychus sp : Apple, Soyabean, Tea
  • Tetranychus macfarlani : Brinjal, Okra
  • Tetranychus neocalidonicus : Vegetables, Papaya, Peach
  • Tetranychus telarius : Cucumber,egg plant Okra,Tomato, Cotton.
  • Tetranychus yusti : Okra, pulses, soyabean.
  • Petrobia latens : Barley, millets
  • Petrobia hatri : Pulses, sugarcane, wheat, citrus, tea.
  • Oligonychus oryzae : Rice
  • Oligonychus coffeae : Tea, Coffee, Coconut, Jute, Cotton.
  • Oligonychus indicus : Banana, Maize, Millets, Sorghum, Sugarcane.
  • Tetranychus citri : Almond, Banana, Citrus, Orange, Pear.
  • Oligonychus gossypii : Citrus, Beans, Peach, Pulses.
  • Brevipalpus californicus : Citrus, Tea.
  • Brevipalpus donnadien : Citrus, Ornamentals, Tea.
  • Brevipalpus phoenics : Apple, Coffee, Coconut, Papaya, Tea.


  • Acaphylla thea : Tea.
  • Acaphylla indica : Tea.
  • Eriophyes litchii : Litchi
  • Eriophyes lyapersici : Egg plant, Potato, Tomato.
  • Eriophyes sacchari : Apple.


  • Polyphagotarsonemus latus : Jute, Pulses, Tea, tobacco, Tomato,
  • Potato, Cotton, Grains.
  • Stenotarsonemus bancrofti : Sugarcane.

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