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Established by some of the UK’s most successful and experienced bioenergy business and district‐heaƟng professionals, Topling Ltd are a supply and installaƟon business serving the rural market for biomass heaƟng and distri‐ buƟon systems. 

Our Big Straw Boiler is a well established product in the Agricultural and Rural Estate markets. Available in three sizes, the BSB 200kW, 500kW and 950kW offer the convenience of low stoking frequency coupled with high efficiency, while retaining the heat in an accumulator tank.

The large batch‐fired chamber allows for up to 4 large round or square bales to maximise the “burn” in combination with a thermal storage tank that can absorb the heat energy from one firing. The energy yield from the straw is maximized because the boiler only operates at full load.

Topling’s bespoke control system provides a level of combustion control sufficient to minimise emissions overall and to control the rate of fuel consumption over the cycle time Topling has been installing units since 2011, mainly for grain drying and district heating. All the units have operated successfully and in accordance with the client’s requirements. Benefits include providing significant annual savings as a consequence of using straw as a fuel and providing additional income via the Renewable Heat Incentive.

One of the major advantages to the system is as an alternative to fossil‐fuelled grain drying. The Topling system has been used successfully for both both continuous flow and on‐floor drying floor such as the 2 x 600 tonne bays shown to the right.

Topling work closely with Grain Drying equipment manufacturers and can provide guidance on the options available.

The rising cost of fuel and the potential of uncertainty of supply are addressed by the ability of the farmer/ estate owner to benefit from the installation of an Topling boiler. A district heating network can be supplied from the boiler and supply hot water for central heating and tap water systems. One boiler will serve in most cases all of your heating requirements for properties within practical reach of the Boiler. Tenants, property owners within the farm / estate will have a source of a lower cost heat source for their heating system which provides not only savings but potentially revenue for the landlord.

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