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In response to the market demand, Peeters Landbouwmachines developed a machine that stands out on all fronts. The Biga Lowliner will meet specific customer requirements. A series of 2-auger vertical feed mixers with a low centre of gravity design, combining a greater volume with a low loading height. These models have volumes from 14 m3 – 28 m3. The machine has a single axle and single mounted, integrated wheels. The narrow, deep mixing tub and the side wall in wide body position, in combination with special mixing augers, will ensure fast mixing with only limited power requirements. The ideal wagon for the mixing of (round) bales and/or products with a rich structure.

The Lowliner wagons have been equipped with a wide discharge conveyor at the front. Discharge conveyors are available in different versions, such as height-adjustable, sideways movable, or banana-shaped conveyors. Or choose a discharge chain rather than a conveyor belt.

As a standard, these models have been provided with the new Future tub design.

In addition, Lowliners come with a Smart Control hand terminal for optimal ease of operation of your feed mixer. This hand terminal can be coupled to your PC and allows programming in advance of all recipes. The Smart Control can be mounted in the tractor or loader to read weights, unloading-door level, and the height of the conveyor belt, as well as to operate all hydraulic functions. Functions can also be combined – for example if you want to start up the conveyor belt at the same time as opening the unloading door, a single press on a button will suffice. Another possibility is to activate a power booster. The Biga Lowliner is available as from May 2017.

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