- Vertical Feed Mixer



Vertical feed mixer 'Generation III'. Heavy-duty chassis with battery compartments, covered with an acid-resistant coating (batteries not included). Chassis equipped with weighing bars + bar holders with a quick-connection system. Two compartments in front of the chassis, suited for high frequency battery loaders. One or two double action augers with Long-life serrated cutting knives. Unilateral main bearing   

Standard equipment Base package

  • Two adjustable counter knives
  • Planetary drive with spherical bearing per auger
  • Prepared for electric motor drive                                                                                                                          
  • Compartments on the right and left side of the tub for electric and hydraulic gear
  • Large transparent cylinders for checking the gearbox oil level
  • Wide body models: side walls positioned at ± 5° angle outwards
  • 60mm protection tube on top of the tub
  • Central lubricated augers
  • One hydraulically operated unloading door on left and right front side                                                               
  • Adjustable output chute at the unloading doors
  • EASYtronic operating system (with integrated weighing system and horn) serving hydraulic functions
  • Axle with hydraulically brake and tyres Goodyear 215/75R17.5 double mounted. Up from 12m1 Twin Volt Goodyear 355/50R22.5 single mounted. Up from 20m3 Maxi Twin Volt Goodyear 275/70R22.5 double mounted. Up from ■ 24m3 Maxi Twin Volt rolling tandem with 355/50R22.5 single mounted
  • Adjustable drawbar for top or bottom mounting with a DIN towing eye
  • 1 Or 2 hydraulic jacks, controlled by the EASYtronic
  • Bearing support with shaft and Walterscheid PTO shaft with shear bolt protection
  • Painted in Peecon red

Additional equipment: Volt Rental Package vs. Base Package

  • You don't need to connect any PTO shaft, hydraulic hose or electricity. Because of this, the driver can stay in the cabin during the feeding process
  • A supplier selected by Peeters Machinery is contracted to maintain the traction batteries.
  • Four incorporated high frequency battery loaders + charging cables, needed power supply: 380/400V 16A
  • Hydraulic tilting gear with hand pump to access the battery cells
  • Electric motor with water-cooled double frequency regulator
  • Own hydraulic system with electrohydraulic operation for all functions
  • EASYtronic operating system extended with an automatic hook/unhook system; start/stop cycle and flashing light

Additional equipment: Complete Volt Package vs. Volt Rental package

  • Includes traction batteries, water filling system and water tank

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