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Model Bigflow - Adjustable Dripper



This item is made up of two part (base and head). If you rotat left the head, you can increase its capacity. Futhermore, the internal conformation allows a turbolent flow and consequently it avoid the dripper to turn during the working. It is easly removable and it allows a quick clening, when necessary.

It is extremely versatile, especially in system with water no completely filtered and when a big flow is demanded.

The inlet is made of anti-UV stabilised, in polypropylene. It is guaranteed for resistance to atmospheric agents and corrosion phenomena due to fertilization.

Passage to a turbolent flow, wide with minimum risk of clogging.
Take with attachment for Ø 3,5x6 micro-tube.
Making to rotate it of a turn and a half, to the pressure of 3 bar (30 m.c.a.), it now reaches his maximum capacity 135 L/H.

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