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- Crawler Full-Feed Combine Harvester


About the product: Huzhou series 228, 200, 180, 160, 130, 118 crawler full-feed combine harvester is integrated with advantages of the complete feed combine harvester of China, having the characteristics of application for both rice and wheat, suitably used in North and South China, simple in construction and convenient in operation, etc. Models 228, 200, and 180 complete feed combine harvesters have retained the advantages of the former models 130 and 160 harvesters, and have also drawn in the advanced foreign technology, adopted threshing clearance adjustable concave sieve, adjustable lip sieve double-deck cleaning screen and additionally raised chassis, lengthened rubber crawler, its compatibility has become much broader, work performance much better, passing ability in paddy field much stronger, and harvest efficiency much higher.

According to the users’ need, it is equipped with double-decked cutting parts that are patented in China, satisfying the agricultural needs of cutting high-stalk crops with low stubbles. It is an ideal harvester widely used in China’s rice and wheat growing areas.

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